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4x4 Safaris Best and Worst

A 4x4 self-drive Safari in Africa is always exciting!  Our first safari left us with some of our best and worst memories. The best was an awesome adventure that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The worst was a couple of life-threatening incidents that were entirely attributable to our lack of experience and

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Packing for your 4x4 Safari

You’re travelling from abroad and you’ve hired a fully equipped 4x4 for your first self-drive Safari in Southern Africa!  What do you need to pack?

First and foremost, travel light - space in the vehicle will be at a premium! Remember, if you intend exploring some of the more remote areas on the continent, you will also be carrying your food sup

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10 Lessons from our first 4x4 Safari

Our first ‘Adventure in the Wild’ was one of the most memorable experiences ever, but our lack of experience made it extremely hazardous.  It taught us that there is no substitute for proper research, planning and preparation before a trip. Thirty years later, despite better communications and much of the infrastruc

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